Hippokampe it’s an unofficial environment based on the Holberton Intranet. The main goal of this project it’s to extends the functionalities and the places where the Intranet can go. One of these places is the console.

The console’s a place where a Software Engineer usually is. So why not that turn that chance into an app? Or also, why not let the community develop features based on its needs?.


I’m a big fan of comparisons and metaphors, so I’ll explain this topic, with a lot of examples and in a simple way. So let’s start.

What are libraries?

Libraries are a set of functions, macros, structures, etc, that can’t do anything alone.

What is a library?

A library or library is a program without autonomy that must be used by another program, but there are executable that can function as a library and as a stand-alone program, so where does a library start and where does a program start?

In C this differentiation gives us the entry point and the exported functions.

The entry point:

It is where any executable will begin to run, it is the main function.

The exported functions:

They are other points of entry to an executable code (the explanation is more technical and complex, it could even require a different response).

Therefore we can conclude that:

  • When…

First of all, what is gcc? If we want to know What happens when you type gcc main.c, we need to know the base of all, gcc


David Jesus Orozco Garcia

Software enginner and current student at Uninorte

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